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CCR Systems Hospitality Point of Sale Systems are integrated packages of hardware and software which provide sales, management and stock control information for retailing and hospitality businesses, according to which software and terminals are chosen.

A basic electronic cash register will meet the basic cash counting needs of most businesses, however, few purchases can have as dramatic an effect on a business as a carefully selected EPOS System (Electronic Point Of Sale). Often referred to as Cash Registers, Tills, Point Of Sale Systems, Touchscreen Tills, and POS Systems.

An EPOS System chosen to suit your own business needs will offer a new dimension and level of control over day to day operations, allowing you to react quickly to cash or stock discrepancies, competitors and changes in customers buying habits.

It will bring a host of business benefits, boosting profitability, controlling costs, increasing efficiency, and helping you fine tune your business model and processes.

Choosing to upgrade from a basic cash register to an EPOS system can be time consuming and there are many decisions to be made, however the benefits and potential ROI (return on investment) will make it time well spent.

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