Samtouch Cloud

SamtouchOffice is a cloud-based back office solution for Samtouch's most popular point of sale solution. CCR are experts in the installation, configuration and support of Samtouch's cloud solutions, ensuring that your business can operate easily and securely.

Samtouch Office is hosted on the cloud using Microsoft's premiere cloud platform Azure. Microsoft Azure is the backbone of the Microsoft Cloud, and the fastest growing cloud infrastructure platform on the planet today.

With its ability to "scale on demand" and built on Microsoft's security development lifecycle, a cutting edge approach for developing the most secure code based proven technology. You can rest assured of the best performance, reliable uptimes and the most secure protection of your data.

Samtouch Office is the right application for a wide range of businesses large and small. Whether you have a one outlet business or a large group of businesses, Samtouch Office offers the flexbility to manage your business wherever you have access to the internet.

Features include:

• Easy Set-up
• No maintenance required.
• Centralised Management Control.
• Instant snap-shot information provided by the home 'Dashboard".
• Comprehensive Business Reports
• Transparent report and maintenance data Flow.
• Control Multi-Terminal and/or Multi-Site Businesses.
• System updates added automatically.
• Low Cost Pay as you Go solution.
• No Contracts.

To discuss the full range of features available or to get a quote from CCR about providing EPOS soultions to your business, please get a quote or contact us here.

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